My name is Craig Mead and I was born in KwaZulu-Natal in 1979. My parents and siblings were born in Glasgow, Scotland, with myself at that stage being the only one born in South Africa in my family tree.
I can with great certainty say that I am proudly South African (Scotland is way too cold!). I grew up with quite a few football fanatics on my mother’s side of the family, with herself, my uncle and my grandfather having procured tickets to see the Glasgow Rangers for the past 70 consecutive years. I’m pretty sure it is obvious to see where my love and passion for soccer came from!

I started playing soccer when I was 5 and from thereon could not stop playing. Of course, my dream, as a child, was to score the winning goal in the FA Cup final. Later in life, I was granted the amazing opportunity to travel to the UK for 8 years, visiting my family in Scotland and they would take me to watch Glasgow Rangers play at the Ibrox Stadium a few times.

I was even lucky enough to see Wayne Rooney play for Everton before Manchester United. My dream, as an adult, was to see Liverpool play, which finally happened in 2007 as I watched them play against Chelsea. I might not have scored the winning goal in a FA cup final, but something even better happened – I met the love of my life, married her, and we had a son who is currently 4 years old.

I took my passion for soccer and started coaching and developing children’s soccer – with my main goal being to start an academy with the sport being played all year round – hosting Summer and Winter leagues. In order to be able to pay close attention to every individual in training, I limit my sessions to a total of 5 children – planning regular soccer matches in order to ensure that they get more than enough game time to develop their skills and have fun while doing so.


Thank you Coach Craig for an incredible season. Your passion, dedication and complete commitment to our u8 boys was awesome…we can only hope that we will be as blessed next year with an equally passionate Coach! You have a way of bringing out the best in each of your players, increasing their skills and overall confidence both on and off the field! I didn’t know Jake could love soccer even more but he does now thanks to you and completely lives for the game ⚽️.

Charlene Petzer

We saw great improvements in Ben’s skills every week. Craig has a way of coaching that the kids could relate to, bringing his vast knowledge of the game while focusing on the areas that needed improvement that he identified from the weekly games the kids played. They got to understand player positioning on the field, respecting the roles that each played and that winning came from playing as a team and not as individuals. I especially loved watching the boys learn to celebrate the successes of their team mates.

Craig’s dedication and commitment to the team was very transparent and I don’t doubt that this will continue in this new venture!!

Leon Witbooi

My son has been coached by Coach Craig since the beginning of 2021 and it has been a very positive process. Coach Craig’s coaching philosophy focuses not only on sport for development but also concentrates on the values that sport can add to an individual’s progress. Coaching sessions are always exciting, innovative and well planned which suits my son as he enjoys and functions best in a well structured environment. My son thoroughly enjoys Coach Craig’s variety of training drills during the coaching sessions and he is always eager to get back to practice to see what else he can learn. These training sessions have created a hunger to learn more and has kept my son’s interest in the sport at a constant high level of curiosity. My son has developed a greater understanding of the game, he understands which techniques/skills work best in various attacking/defending positions and his love and passion for soccer has increased tremendously. Coach Craig’s disciplined, yet nurturing approach to soccer skills development has improved my son’s confidence levels and has provided him with the comfort of feeling safe and secure during practice sessions and match days. As a parent, I am comfortable and content with the manner in which training sessions and match days are approached and I appreciate that the sessions are conducted with love, care and support.

Cherice Mangiagalli